Introduction to the Blockchain Art World

Explore the intersection of blockchain and digital art in our comprehensive course. Delve into blockchain basics, cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, smart contracts, and NFTs and the unlocked opportunities for artists, curators, gallerists, institutions, investors, and dealers. Tailored for art professionals, this course offers in-depth insights into how these technologies reshape the art world.

You will learn

Blockchain Fundamentals

Theory and applications


This course thoroughly explores blockchain technology and its transformative impact on the digital art industry, tailored specifically for art professionals. Spanning five informative chapters, it provides a comprehensive understanding of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, smart contracts, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Designed for artists, gallery owners, curators, and art investors, this course demystifies complex technical concepts, making them accessible and applicable in the art sector. It equips participants with the knowledge to navigate digital art platforms, manage digital assets, and leverage the opportunities presented by blockchain and NFTs in the art world.

Course curriculum
Module 1: Introduction to blockchain technology

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beginner level

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